Getting Started

These materials can be used for self study or/and as a resource for trainers to develop tutored training courses. 

The materials are relevant to anyone working with looked after children, care leavers and their families; in particular residential workers, foster carers, kinship carers, teachers, social workers and health professionals. They may also be relevant to professionals from across the wider child care workforce who are working with any vulnerable children and families.

Using the materials

There are 20 units that can be combined in different ways to create courses of different lengths and for different audiences. Each unit consists of trainer’s notes with suggested activities linked to presentations, hand-outs and supporting files.

You can use the materials in different ways: 

  1. Use the suggested training courses (the simplest way to use the materials).
  2. Choose to select materials from anywhere and create your own individualised course. 
  3. Use the self-study version of the units - designed for individuals who cannot attend a course.
  4. Search materials by profession

You should spend time preparing and familiarising yourself with the materials before delivering training. If you are new to some of the subject areas it could be helpful using the self-study notes in your preparation.  Ideally two trainers (perhaps from different professional backgrounds) should deliver the course.

You should familiarise yourself with the local context in terms of structures, policies and procedures before delivering a course. As a trainer, you may wish to consider providing copies of local content to participants.

We’ve provided timings for planning purposes but remember the length of time for each activity will depend on the number participants.

Background to the training materials

The poorer educational outcomes of Scotland’s looked after children was first highlighted at a national level following the publication of the joint inspection report, Learning with Care, by HM Inspectors of Schools and the Social Work Service Inspectorate in 2001. The report highlighted the importance of improving the learning and development opportunities for those working with looked after children and care leavers. The Learning with Care training materials were developed and launched in 2003. 

In 2007, the Scottish Government published 'Looked After Children and Young People: We Can and Must Do Better'. Similar to the 2001 report, it highlighted again the need to improve the learning and development for everyone who works with Scotland’s looked after children and care leavers. While recognising the original Learning With Care training materials had been well received across Scotland the Government gave a commitment to update the materials to reflect the aspirations of We Can and Must Do Better.

The We Can and Must Do Better training materials were originally produced on a DVD-ROM in 2008. CELCIS have reviewed and updated these materials to reflect current research and Scottish policy and practice around:

  • Getting It Right for Every Child
  • Curriculum for Excellence
  • Additional Support for Learning
  • The Looked After Children Regulations 2009
  • Early Years
  • Parenting